Look more youthful and refreshed in just 40 minutes

There are days when you think you just want to take a duvet day. You look in the mirror and the only things you see are baggy eyes, tired skin and general lack of energy.

Depending on your lifestyle, a combination of poor sleep, alcohol and tobacco consumption, sun exposure, sleep deprivation, not drinking enough water, lack of fresh air and fresh fruit and vegetables can all show on your face. Your skin appears grey and lifeless. Let's face the facts about your face: in your twenties you only needed to spend five minutes a day on your skincare, but over time your total investment in yourself has to increase to reap the benefits of a better looking and youthful appearance.

So why do we age? Stress can cause the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders to tighten and constrict the blood flow to the skin leading to a restriction in oxygen and nutrients. The collagen and elastin fibres of the skin's connective tissue become locked together, restricting mobility of the facial muscles and giving a drawn appearance.

Surely there are a many quick fix solutions available today from botox to surgical procedures, but how many people are wiling to go under the knife and, more importantly, spend thousands of pounds on surgical procedures?

Natural Face Lift Massage is one of the options available to look and feel younger. Just like you need to work out at the gym or practice a sport to increase your strength and stamina and boost your circulation and immune system, so is a targeted skincare regime for your face that works on the muscles and tissues to support the production of elastin and collagen.

During a massage over ninety face and neck muscles are worked on as well as several acupressure and reflexology points.

The Natural Face Lift Massage works at different levels.:

  • The massage will bring a fresh supply of blood to the tissues. This will create a glowing and healthier complexion.
  • The reflexology points on the face work on the corresponding internal organs like the stomach and liver.
  • The sweeping action used during the massage works on the lymphatic system and helps remove excess fluid from the tissues especially under the eyes.
  • The most immediate effect of a face lift massage is the deep sense of relaxation. Normally within the first five to ten minutes the client tends to fall asleep. This also results in better sleep patterns over time.

Why does the Natural Face Lift Massage work? The massage stimulates blood circulation and boosts the production of collagen in the tissues. It is a very gentle technique and yet you can see results after only one treatment. It is normally advisable to have a course of six one hour treatments to have longer-lasting effects.

The massage facilitates the freeing of restrictions in the connective tissue allowing the fibres to slide past each other freely, giving suppleness and flexibility to the face. The freer flow of blood permits better oxygen and nutrient flow helping to increase alertness, improve skin complexion and increase feelings of general well being.

Clear results

The clear advantage of using Natural Face Lift Massage is that it is non invasive, it is deeply relaxing and improves sleep patterns but most importantly it raises the client's awareness of how habitual facial expressions like frowning can draw fine lines on the skin. This improved awareness is the client's best ally to fight the aging process: most clients report that the facial exercises help them improve the way they use their facial muscles, they have made positive changes in their diets and increased their water intake as a result of a course of treatments.